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Lend a Hand Project

Lend a Hand project: is one of our purest forms of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only we tell others about Jesus Christ, but we also share his love by helping our brothers and sisters with simple necessity of daily living.

The project entails:

  • Medically Challenged, we help our brothers and sisters that are in need of medications and cannot afford them due to loss/lack of income, and most of the me they are not qualify for any type of governmental assistance.We make sure that those medications are paid for on a timely manner so they can stay as healthy as possible.
  • Shelter, we also help our brothers and sisters in need of shelters within the community, we work with other organizations in the community to beer serve the ones in need.
  • Hospitality, we provide brotherly love through Jesus Christ by encouraging others with words of wisdom. We help them with daily simple task that are challenging for them. For instance, we drive them to grocery stores because they cannot drive or do not have anyone to drive them. We provide personal care such as: hair braiding, manicure and pedicure. We organized surprise birthday celebraons for our friends in nursing home sengs who lack immediate family members in the community.
  • Sponsorship, we are currently working in partnership with a local orphanage in St-Marc, a city in the Northern part of Haiti, that need help with more than 50 children that are in need of food, shelter, clothes, schooling tuition, school supplies, etc.
  • Mentors, in our community there is a strong need for mentors within the youth/ young adults population (including the parents). During our prison visits, we provide moral support to our brothers and sisters while in prison, and once they come out, we also help with the transitioning from prison to real life.
  • Advocate, we provide help for our brothers and sisters whose English is not their primary language. We translate for them. We make sure that they receive the proper services wherever they go, regardless of their language barrier.